Maps SDK for Web

Class geopolViewSelector

A module, which helps you to create language selector


getHtmlElement([geopolViewService], serviceType, [subType]): HTMLSelectElement

Options are set for supported geopolViews, onchange event has a bound function, which updates global geopolView for the system (which is stored in GeopolViewService. Refer to for additional information.

Name Description Required Type/Values Default
geopolViewService GeopolViewService which will be bound to this select element. That means, that if you change value in this select, bound geopolViewService will be updated. You can provide globalGeopolViewService or geopolViewServices which are bound to map instances. No GeopolViewService None
serviceType Yes "search" | "maps" | "geopolViewSelector" None
subType Used to specify the subType of a service, No "raster" | "vector" None