Maps SDK for Web

Class GeopolView

GeopolView class.


getCode( ): String

Returns the code of the geopolitical view.


getLabel( ): String

Returns the label of the geopolitical view.


getSupportedServices( ): Array

Returns supported service types by geopolView


getValueFor([serviceType], [subType]): String

Returns the geopolitical view code for the given service type.

Name Description Required Type/Values Default
serviceType The service code. But we aware of these cases:
  • If serviceType is not supported undefined will be returned;
  • If no value is given it will return the same value as the method getCode.
  • If a view is not supported for the given service it may fallback to Unified.
No "search" | "maps" None
subType Used to specify the subType of a service, for example 'maps - raster' (Only available for maps); No "raster" | "vector" None